Aria La Faye is an experience floral designer, a polished artist, and the owner of La Faye Art Studios. As a creative professional it has been characteristic in her career to create her own opportunities. Her wide range of artistic skills reflect an adventurous imagination that is often captured in her work. Being somewhat of a¬†traditionalist at heart, Aria’s love for conventional methods defines her as a professional, although it is her interpretation and captivating use of color that sets her apart from other artists and florists.

The four years she lived and worked in Ireland continue to influence her creations, the results are a unique European and Northwest style with optimistic colors and quaint imagery. ¬†Having devoted years to mastering multiple mediums, Aria has a great appreciation for the significant of technique. Her recently completed projects relate to children’s book illustrations, interior design, and floral design. For bookings and commissions visit La Faye Art Studios in Seal Rock or call/email to make an appointment aria@lafayeartstudios.com