La Faye Art Studios is a whimsical art gallery, flower shop, and tea room; featuring a unique artistic collection of paintings, prints, loose leaf tea, boutique books, and floral design! This dynamic specialty store has a charming atmosphere, embodying both the essence of European beauty and the rustic sophistication of the Pacific Northwest.

Embracing the artful tradition of “Tea Culture,” La Faye Art Studios exclusively offers the most spectacular brews of loose leaf tea available. With 20 different exceptional varieties of tea blends there is something to suit everyone’s fancy!

Get inspired to add a touch of warmth and optimism to your home or office with our wide selection of paintings, prints, and creative home décor! La Faye Art Studios represents the creative innovations and artistic expressions that bring joy and whimsy to our wonderful coastal community. 

You’re personally invited to have a seat on our tufted sofa and  loose yourself in the comfort of fine tea, amazing books, colorful blooms, and timeless artwork.